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Products available to care for your knives

Products available to care for your knives

Saya is perfect for storing and transporting your Japanese kitchen knives. Saya is a sheath for a knife blade, which is traditionally made of wood. In our assortment you can purchase Saya from such well-known manufacturers as: Mcusta Zanmai, Seki Kanetsugu, Masahiro and others. It's possible that your knife does not fit the saya cover. Because even if the knife's stated blade size in the specification appears to be the same, the real thickness and size of the knife may differ from one another. Please consult our advisers about models made by other manufacturers. You can buy your own saya here .

No matter how beautiful and high-quality the knife is, sooner or later it will need to be sharpened. Japanese knives are traditionally sharpened on water stones. It is highly not recommended to sharpen a good and expensive knife with cheap everyday sharpeners. Water stones and other sharpeners can be found here .

We also added replacement handles for traditional Japanese knives to our assortment. Over time, water and frequent use can cause traditional handles to become unusable. You can choose a new handle for your favorite knife here .
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