Chef's Knives

The most popular knives in the world are chef's knives, commonly referred to as cook's knives. This is a common culinary utensil that may be used in both a home kitchen and a commercial kitchen. The chef's knife blade typically measures 18 to 24 cm in length. However, the blade could be longer based on the needs. The chef's knife can be used for any task, including slicing and shredding, due to the universal geometry of the blade.

Chef knives from Europe are often constructed of stainless steel. This is a requirement in some professional kitchens. Knives made of stainless steel are hygienic, don't need special maintenance, and have an adequate cutting edge. Chef knives made of carbon steel are also produced by several knife makers. These are mostly Japanese knife makers rather than European ones. We advise you to look through our selection of Japanese gyuto chef knives if you wish to get a chef's knife made of high-carbon steel.

The typical thickness of a chef's knife in Europe is 2 to 5 mm. between 170 and 300 grams in weight. Full tang knives are obviously heavier than partial tang knives, and the handle materials also affect the weight. The handles of chef knives used in restaurants are constructed of synthetic materials. It might be made of a unique plastic, mica, metal, or rubber. Because they are not hygienic enough, wooden handles are more common in residential kitchens but are still quite popular there.

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