One of the best knives is without a doubt one made of Damascus steel. In actuality, this is a forging or welding technique used to combine multiple layers of various steels, not a steel grade.

Japanese Damascus knives blend traditional gunsmithing techniques with cutting-edge engineering. Blacksmiths typically switch between steels with high and low carbon content. Strong steels have a low carbon percentage, while sharp steels have a high carbon content. The Damascus blade combines each of these qualities. A multi-layered robust, resilient, sharp blade with a lovely design is produced from the alternation of steels. The Syrian city of Damascus, which for a considerable amount of time was the center of metalworking and blade manufacturing, gave its name to the steel that bears its name. But archaeological research reveals that blacksmiths have been creating multilayer blades in various parts of the world since antiquity. These blades are now known as Damascus blades everywhere.

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