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Haganero Oy (FI32299916) is a company registered in Finland. "Hagane" (鋼) in Japanese means "steel". We have combined steel and our favorite habanero pepper to create the Haganero brand of hot and spicy knives.

In our store you will find the best kitchen knives from around the world. You can buy Japanese knives crafted by renowned blacksmiths and family-owned factories. Whether you are looking for a high-quality Japanese santoku, nakiri, professional sushi and sashimi knife, or a classic chef's knife for home use, welcome to our store.

Haganero is an official retailer of Tojiro Co.Ltd (Japan), Sumikama (Kasumi), Seki Kanetsugu, Zwilling (J.A. Henkels), and other brands. As part of the larger MyGoodKnife team, we have visited numerous knife factories and personally met with blacksmiths and knife manufacturers to choose the best kitchen knives for our range. All knives presented in our store come directly from the manufacturers to our warehouse in Finland, from where all orders are shipped.

Welcome to the Haganero knife store!