Kitchen knives

There are typically at least three kitchen knives in every home. Depending on what you make or consume more frequently, the minimum set should include a chef's knife, a small knife for vegetables, a bread or universal knife, a slicer, and a fillet knife. We provide a large selection of the top kitchen knives. You may buy both Western and Japanese kitchen knives from our online store.  Famous manufacturers of kitchen knives include Global, Tojiro, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, Kyocera, and Kasumi. We provide chef knives, slicing knives, table knives, and other kitchen knives with international shipping.

When selecting a new kitchen knife, consider the steel and handle materials. For instance, a carbon steel kitchen knife will maintain its edge longer than a stainless steel one, but it will need more maintenance. When choosing between Japanese and European kitchen knives, keep in mind that the former are lighter and have a different sharpening angle. On the product box, it will be noted whether the cook knife may be washed in the dishwasher. However, we do not advise cleaning any knives in the dishwasher as this results in their becoming dull and destroys the handle material.

You can also purchase cutting boards, knife blocks, aprons, bags, and everything else you could need for your kitchen at our online store as well.

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