Before you order


Is your shop a reliable one?

- Haganero Oy (FI32299916) has been around since 2021. The company's information is publicly available.


From where do orders get shipped?

- We ship from Finland. Our warehouses are located in Lappeenranta and Helsinki.


Are you shipping to Russia?

- Delivery to Belorussia and the Russian Federation has been temporarily halted due to the conflict in Ukraine.


Do you ship to my country?

- We ship to the majority of nations worldwide. The primary delivery method, price, and the threshold for free delivery to the chosen nation are automatically displayed on the product page for each item. You will notice any additional shipping options in your shopping basket if there are any available for your country. The shopping cart will display the entire cost of shipping.


Do you market authentic products?

- Indeed, we just offer authentic merchandise in its original packaging. We deal with most manufacturers directly.


Do your stores offer engraving and sharpening services?

– No. We don't offer engraving or sharpening services.


Placing your order 


Can I pay for my order using my national currency?

– No. As a Finnish business, we are only able to take payments in euros as per EU regulations. Your bank will automatically convert at its rate during the payment procedure. 


I am unable to pay for the order since I am having some card payment issues.

- Certain banks have unique guidelines, limits, or prerequisites for sending money overseas. In the event that there are payment issues, we advise getting in touch with your bank's customer support. Our organization only serves as the payment's recipient; we do not check to see if the money for your order has been received.


For payment, may I provide you the details of my credit card?

– No. We are not privy to or able to use your card information. Shopify Payments processes all payments, which are completely safe. 

Does the price already include all potential taxes, or do I still have to pay taxes and levies in my home country?

- The pricing for customers from EU nations already includes the chosen nation's VAT. Customs costs are not required of buyers from EU member states. You are in charge of paying any applicable customs and taxes in your home country if you place an order for shipping to a nation outside the EU. It is advised that you inquire about the taxes and fees associated with making purchases from overseas by contacting your nation's customs authority. The buyer is responsible for paying any applicable taxes and customs fees in accordance with local legislation; our store is not involved in this process.


Could you maybe change the order amount on the paperwork to avoid charging me duty?

- Never the case. Every piece of order data is automatically sent to the customs paperwork.


Could you please send me an invoice under my company's name?

- You must enter the company name and tax number if you are placing an order on behalf of a legal entity. When you check out, our system will ask you to complete this in the shopping basket. Please be aware that in this instance, the order will be delivered to the business's registered address.


After placing your order 

My order confirmation and tracking number were not sent to me via email.

- Please check the Spam box as well if you haven't received an email from us with tracking information or an order confirmation. If you don't see any emails from us in your spam folder either, your mail box may be configured to automatically block emails. If so, kindly get in touch with us at  info@haganero.com, and we'll send you tracking number.


My package came with a tracking number, but when I open the link, it indicates that the package doesn't exist. What took place?

- As soon as your order is packed, you will automatically receive an email with the tracking number of your package. Tracking becomes available after the package reaches the carrier company's sorting center, which takes about 24 to 48 hours.


The website now indicates that the product I selected is out of stock, even though I already placed an order. What took place?

- It's quite likely that you bought the final available copy of the item. Our system indicates that the item is out of stock because it is reserved based on your order.

Does the product have a warranty?

- Of course. Every manufacturer has a distinct warranty period. The manufacturer determines whether to accept the case under warranty. If you would want to make a warranty claim, please email us. With info@haganero.com

I just bought a product. Can I return it?

- Within 14 days after delivery, residents of EU nations are entitled to return any purchased items. If a consumer wants to return an item, they are responsible for paying both ways' shipping. Returns must be approved in advance by sending an email to info@haganero.com to customer support.

We advise utilizing tracking-number shipping since the customer bears complete responsibility for the items while they are in transit in the event of a return. Except in warranty and insurance instances, returns and exchanges of items sent beyond the EU are not accepted.

I exercised my right to return the item, and according to the tracking number, you received it about an hour ago! Why is the money still not showing up in my bank account or on my card?

- After the goods is physically returned to us, we try our best to begin the refund procedure within 1-2 working days, but only within the 14-day window allowed by law. We always issue refunds for online orders using the same payment method that was used to place the order. The refund will show on your card or bank account a few business days after processing. Refunds for card payments typically take three to four business days to process. Transaction duration is contingent upon your bank.


I purchased a pricey knife. A knife this expensive should never need to be sharpened; it should always be in perfect shape! If it rusts, cracks, etc., will I get my money back?

- No, your money will not be returned. All fine blades require maintenance, but Japanese high-end knives more so. The following are signs of inappropriate knife care: appearance of rust on knives; minor cracks on the cutting edge; curvature of the blade; shattering of the knife tip; and any traces after washing in the dishwasher. These issues are not covered under warranty.