Japanese knives

Our selection of traditional Japanese kitchen knives is extensive. Traditional Japanese knives often have a stronger blade steel and a smaller cutting angle (15 degrees as opposed to 20 degrees), making them both sharper and thinner. The varieties of Japanese kitchen knives are numerous. Deba bocho (fish filleting), santoku (all-purpose utility knife), nakiri bocho and usuba (Japanese vegetable knives), gyuto chef knife and yanagiba (sashimi slicers) are the ones that are most frequently used. 

Japanese knives are extremely sharp, however they shouldn't be used on items that are too hard or frozen. Pieces of the cutting edge may become discolored if you attempt to cut really hard items. Japanese kitchen knives are produced with a lot of hand effort, even in factories. As a result, there may be a small discrepancy between the listed dimensions and the real ones.

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