Fruit and Vegetable Knives

Vegetable knives, also known as paring and peeling knives, are made for cleaning, chopping, removing potato eyes, decorating, and other minor activities. One of the most popular knife designs is the deservingly little vegetable knife, which is one of the "chef's three"—the essential three knives that belong in every kitchen. In fact, nearly no cook or homemaker can survive without a paring knife. Peeling and paring knives are the two categories of vegetable kitchen knives based on their intended use.

European and Japanese vegetable knives differ from each other. Shotoh and kudamono are the equivalents of a paring knife and a peeling knife. Petty knives are a little bit longer than regular vegetable knives, yet they work well for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. Additionally, nakiri knives are typically used to slice and chop vegetables.

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