Bread Knives

The wavy blade of the bread knife makes it possible to cut food without crushing it. Strong bread crusts can be cut with ease by the serrated blade without crushing the crumb. Such a knife can also be used to slice tomatoes, pineapples, watermelons, and melons. In actuality, a bread knife is sawed rather than sliced. The bread knife's blade tip is always rounded or angled away from the cutting edge. This form guarantees security when making sawing motions.

A bread knife typically has a blade that is 20 to 30 cm long. There are pastry knives that are longer and wider. However, the ordinary model with a 20 cm long blade is appropriate for usage at home. These bread knives are frequently a part of basic kitchen knife sets.

Bread knives are often constructed of stainless steel. It is simple to maintain and does not corrode. Bread knives don't need to be sharpened frequently.

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