Fillet Knives

The purpose of a fillet knife is to slice fish and meat into thin slices as well as to remove fish and poultry fillets from their bones. Such a knife often has a flexible, narrow blade. Since a filleting knife is not frequently included in a typical set of kitchen knives, you can purchase one separately from us.

A fillet knife often has a stainless steel blade. Both synthetic and natural materials are acceptable for the handle. Plastic and rubber handles have the benefit of being more hygienic. Wooden handles are more aesthetically pleasing, but if they are not covered with a specific lacquer, they may absorb scents.

A filleting knife typically has a blade length of 10 to 30 cm. For filleting chicken, use shorter knives; for filleting fish, use longer knives. It is advised to use a knife with a blade length that is 1.5–2 times the breadth of the fish's carcass while cutting fish. The finger rest on the majority of fillet knives helps to keep the hand from falling off.

Since it may also be used to make sushi, the European fillet knife can take the place of the Japanese yanagiba knife. The adaptability of these two knife styles varies. Yanagiba knives have rigid, straight blades, whereas fillet knives are flexible and frequently bent upward.

The top fillet knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Global, Tojiro, Opinel, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, ICEL, Kyocera, Tramontina, Böker, Marttiini, and more producers are available in our selection.

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