Stone Sharpening

Samurai utilized Japanese whetstones to sharpen their weapons in the past. Modern whetstones blend age-old customs with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The water stones are submerged in water before use, as their name suggests. They cannot be used with oil or utilizing oil. Whetstones continue to be the ideal instrument for both sharpening blunt knives and continuously keeping the cutting edge in pristine condition, despite the wide variety of modern sharpening equipment.

The granularity of whetstones from Japan varies. This signal is always displayed on the product page and on the package. Knives that are severely dull or damaged are sharpened on stones with grit counts of 220 and lower. Such stones need to be handled cautiously, thus only those with prior sharpening experience should use them. Also very coarse are stones with a grit rating of 300 to 600. Any tools that are challenging to sharpen will be done so without difficulty.
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