Haganero places a high premium on quality, and we stand behind the caliber of our goods.

The warranty includes coverage for all build quality, material, and workmanship issues. Haganero will replace the knife with the same or another model from our shop selection, taking into consideration any price differences and stock availability, or refund your money if there is a manufacturing or material problem (after the manufacturer confirms the warranty case).

When a knife is used improperly and develops dents, cuts, breakages, or other damage, the guarantee does not cover it. Throwing, pounding, prying, striking, hacking of hard objects for which the knife is not intended*; overheating the knife or any part of it; improper maintenance of mechanisms or other parts; improper storage in harsh environments and storing without cleaning and care; attempting to repair or modify and other similar actions are examples of improper usage that may result in the warranty being voided.

If the purchaser selected insured delivery, items damaged in transit are covered by warranty. Manufacturer boxes and packages are not covered by the warranty.

Attention! Knives made of ceramic and Japanese high carbon are not intended for cutting through hard materials like bones. When a Japanese knife breaks slightly after cutting through strong materials, this is not a warranty issue; rather, it is the consequence of using the knife incorrectly. The appearance of rust on knives is a result of incorrect knife maintenance rather than a defect covered under warranty. Please take it slowly!

There is a chance that the dimensions won't match exactly for firms whose production processes are mostly done by hand. A few millimeters' deviation from the stated size does not give rise to a warranty claim.

Knives should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. If the knife designed for the cleaning in washing machine the temperature be below of 180 C. A knife is meant to be used for cutting; any other use is not covered under warranty. Since knives should not be used for hammering or prying, the warranty does not cover broken blade tips. Use the cutting edge when cutting, and your knife will gladly serve you for an endless amount of time. Please match your equipment to duties.

The warranty terms will be respected if a model with a certain design is appropriate for heavier duties, such as sawing, throwing, axing, and hacking, among others.

In warranty case please contact with our customer service info@haganero.com