Teruyasu Fujiwara

Farm tools were the first things Teruyasu Fujiwara forged in his career as a master blacksmith more than 130 years ago. His second son, Fujiwara, was apprenticed to the renowned Tokyo swordsmith Masahide Suishinshi when he reached adulthood. He returned to his father's shop after a few years of training to start his prosperous career as a skilled swordsmith. This was a family custom up to World War II, when restrictions were placed on the manufacture of swords. Kitchen knives were being made by the Fujiwara family by the end of the 1960s. Their goal was to create knives that would bring pride to the family of a swordsmith. In order to achieve this, they devoted the following ten years to creating the steel and methods required to forge-weld high carbon steel with stainless steel and then appropriately temper the blade.
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