Baking dish Staub oval 28 cm, Black 40509-341-0

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Expert chefs like Paul Bocuse vouch for Staub's cast iron cookware, which is manufactured in France. Being a superior heat conductor, cast iron can reach a high temperature and disperse heat uniformly and consistently throughout the pan's interior. Thus, this Staub gratin dish is perfect for making particularly flavorful, succulent foods. In addition to browning food over a range of heat sources, the cast iron gratin dish is ideal for creating gratins and oven-baked foods. The round dish works well for roasting food or preparing casseroles. The interior's matte black enameled finish enhances stewing while maintaining the dish's original flavor. The gratin dish's 1.6 L volume allows it to serve as a side dish or as a main course for two people. The dish is simpler to grip thanks to the handles on either side. Serve your loved ones tender casseroles, crunchy gratins, and delicate oven-baked dishes prepared in this stylish, useful Staub gratin plate.

Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
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