Güde Alpha

Cheese knife Güde Alpha B805/10 10cm

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Knife Güde Alpha for hard cheese. With a 10 cm blade and a pear handle. It can also be utilized as a kitchen utility knife. A single piece of precisely alloyed chrome-vanadium-moly cutlery steel is the starting point for the Alpha Series knives. Every knife is made by hand and goes through over thirty different stages of manufacture before being finished. Deciduous pears are found in North Africa, Europe, and West Asia, extending over Persia, the Himalayas, and Japan. Pear wood is sturdy, thick, and strong. It is very dimensionally stable and does not fracture. The so-called stone cells in the wood are related to the stability. They create it extremely fine and thick. Unlike other tree kinds, the pear barely has any obvious annual rings.
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