Tenryo Manaita

Cutting board Tenryo Manaita Hi Soft 60 x 30 x 3 H3-3

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Tenryo Manaita is a large and hefty professional cutting board with a non-slip surface that allows for accuracy and precision while keeping your hands safe. The Hi-Soft Cutting Board is made of premium synthetic material that has been meticulously crafted to emulate the hue and feel of real wood. Dimensions: 600x300x30 mm. The soft polyvinyl acetate material, which is made in Japan, lessens the impact of the knife, decreasing stress on the hand and impact on the knife itself. This enhances edge retention and extends the life of your knives. High-Soft (polyvinyl acetate) material. 5.4 kg in weight.
Valmistaja Tenryo Manaita
Maa Japan
Paino kg 5.4