Ryusen Hamono

Gyuto Japanese kitchen knife Ryusen Hamono Bonten Unryu BU-305 18cm

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  • 180mm Blade length
  • Blade made of VG-10
  • Handle made of Wood
  • Made in Japan
Ryusen Hamono Bonten Unryu Wa, a Japanese chef knife, with an 18-centimeter blade. One of Ryusen's hallmark lines is the Bonten Unryu. Because of its unparalleled aesthetics and—more importantly—the fact that each VG10 blade is hand-forged, it is regarded as one of the best VG10 lines produced by any Japanese manufacturer. The Unryu wa series' blade is made in the same way as the Unryu series' western handle.Its 63 layers of stainless damascus steel surround a VG-10 core. Though not quite as thin as a laser, the blade is medium to light in weight. Its traditional Japanese octagonal handle shape makes it easy to control and performs its intended function of cutting precisely.
Valmistaja Ryusen Hamono
Terän pituus (mm) 180
Kokonaispituus (mm) 320
Terän materiaali VG-10
Terän paksuus 3mm
Terän vahvuus 60-62 HRC
Kahva Wood
Maa Japan