Japanese kitchen knife Ittetsu Tadafusa OEM Garasuki Aogami 2 ISN-09 18cm

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  • 180mm Blade length
  • Blade made of Aogami 2
  • Handle made of Antibacterial bubinga
  • Made in Japan
18-cm blade OEM Ittetsu Garasuki Tadafusa knife. A larger Honesuki knife called a garasuki is also used for poultry, albeit larger birds. While the longer blade makes slicing easier, the k-tip enables greater precision. Made of Aogami 2 steel is the blade. With tungsten and chromium added to help with edge retention and slow down rusting, this is quite similar to white paper steel. To further simplify maintenance, the steel has been covered in stainless steel after being hardened to 62–63 Rockwell. Babinga has antimicrobial properties. Handmade in Echizen, Japan, are Ittetsu knives. Wash by hand in warm water, then pat dry.
Valmistaja Ittetsu
Terän pituus (mm) 180
Kokonaispituus (mm) 320
Terän materiaali Aogami 2
Terän paksuus 3mm
Terän vahvuus 62-63HRC
Kahva Antibacterial bubinga
Maa Japan