Kitchen knife set Kershaw Professional 3 pcs HTS0370

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The 33cm overall chef's knife with an 20.3cm blade, the 26.7cm overall utility knife with a 15.2cm blade, and the 20.3cm overall paring knife with a 9.5cm blade are all part of the Kershaw Professional kitchen knife set.

This combo gives your kitchen performance on par with that of a professional. Precision handling, a comfortable grip, a razor-sharp edge, and durability against the demands of industrial use are all features of cutlery. Compared to typical Western-style knives, the blades on these Japanese AUS6M stainless steel knives have a cutting edge of 16° on each side, which has been hand-sharpened and polished. complete tang structure with POM handles that are riveted. Hand washing is advised.
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