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The elegant Kupilka 21 Little My Cup Red M2140R0 3021LM403 is a traditional drinking vessel. 2.93 oz or 83 g in weight. 60 x 93 x 165 mm in height, width, and length. This very cup marked the beginning of a new era in outdoor dining. Because of its usefulness, the KUPILKA 21 form was already in use in the past. Your fingers won't burn while using this cup to keep your hot beverage hot. Volume 2,1 dl / 7.10 fl oz.

The eco-friendly Kupilka dinnerware is resistant to both boiling hot water and -30°C low temperatures. In the wilderness, you can hand-wash the dishes or use the dishwasher at home. The items age wonderfully while maintaining their attributes because they are made of biomaterial with EKOenergy. The hardwood fragrance of the object can be used to determine how fresh it is; the stronger the scent, the newer the item! We advise not heating the dishes in the stove, microwave, or open flame to preserve their durability. When a product's life is over, it can be recycled, burned to produce heat energy, or sent back to the maker to be reused.

Little My is ready to go on adventures with the Moomins since she is bold and fearless. She occasionally seems to truly enjoy minor mishaps. She is feisty and agitated, yet joyful and amiable as well. She may get quickly irritated by little things, but she never intentionally hurts someone. She occasionally uses her astute observations to rapidly pull people back to reality when they are acting too sentimental. While Little My enjoys prying into people's lives, she never shares her secrets with others. Little My is trustworthy and honest despite her irrational and careless behavior. She feels comfortable in any circumstance and is ready for anything.

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Maa Finland
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