Kupilka 44 Big plate Grey K44KO 30440174

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The 44 Kupilka plate adds a touch of luxury to outside dining experiences. The plate features two handles so you can eat it on your lap. It matches Kupilka cutlery well and may be used as a tray for your soup dish or coffee set. Grey in color. Volume 14.88 fluid ounces/ 4,4 dl. Weight: 10.37 oz / 294 g. Length 300 mm, Width 186 mm, Height 28 mm.

The eco-friendly Kupilka dinnerware is resistant to both boiling hot water and -30°C low temperatures. In the wilderness, you can hand-wash the dishes or use the dishwasher at home. The items age wonderfully while maintaining their attributes because they are made of biomaterial with EKOenergy. The hardwood fragrance of the object can be used to determine how fresh it is; the stronger the scent, the newer the item! We advise not heating the dishes in the stove, microwave, or open flame to preserve their durability. When a product's life is over, it can be recycled, burned to produce heat energy, or sent back to the maker to be reused.

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