Kupilka 55 Moomins camping Soup bowl Green M5580G0 3055LM802

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The soup bowl, Kupilka 55 Moomins camping conifer M5580G0, has a handle for a secure grip, freeing up your other hand to hold the drink. A traveler's multipurpose tool for every cuisine. Green is the color. 550 milliliters in volume. 184 g in weight.

The eco-friendly Kupilka dinnerware is resistant to both boiling hot water and -30°C low temperatures. In the wilderness, you can hand-wash the dishes or use the dishwasher at home. The items age wonderfully while maintaining their attributes because they are made of biomaterial with EKOenergy. The hardwood fragrance of the object can be used to determine how fresh it is; the stronger the scent, the newer the item! We advise not heating the dishes in the stove, microwave, or open flame to preserve their durability. When a product's life is over, it can be recycled, burned to produce heat energy, or sent back to the maker to be reused.

Snufkin and Moomintroll, best buddies, going on an expedition. When they first meet, Snufkin tells Moomintroll, "I wander about and when I find a place that I like, I put up my tent and play my mouth-organ," in response to his question about why he would want to dwell in a place like this.

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