Kupilka Moominpappa 37 Cup Blueberry M3735M0 3037LM355

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The Kupilka Moominpappa 37 Cup Blueberry M3735M0 boasts an ergonomic design and exceptional isolation capabilities thanks to its natural fiber composite construction and three integrated ridgelines. One cup is sufficient for the award-winning Kupilka 37, which stays true to its batch origins in simplicity. Eat a snack first, and then use the same cup to sip tea. The voyage into the unknown can resume after a pause! The sturdy structure and simple design of the Moomintroll Kupilka 37 make it ideal for urban explorers. With a Nordic twist, you can use the cup to serve hot or cold beverages. Finland produces the Kupilka with no carbon dioxide emissions. Volume 3.7 dl, Weight 134 g.

The eco-friendly Kupilka dinnerware is resistant to both boiling hot water and -30°C low temperatures. In the wilderness, you can hand-wash the dishes or use the dishwasher at home. The items age wonderfully while maintaining their attributes because they are made of biomaterial with EKOenergy. The hardwood fragrance of the object can be used to determine how fresh it is; the stronger the scent, the newer the item! We advise not heating the dishes in the stove, microwave, or open flame to preserve their durability. When a product's life is over, it can be recycled, burned to produce heat energy, or sent back to the maker to be reused.

Moominpappa is prepared to go above and beyond for his kin. Although he loves Moominvalley, he is open to trying new things and has a keen mind. He always welcomes adventures, and fortunately, they come his way frequently.

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Maa Finland
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