Nakiri Japanese kitchen knife Kasumi HM 74017 17cm

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  • 170mm Blade length
  • Blade made of VG-10
  • Handle made of POM
  • Made in Japan
17 cm Nakiri HM series from Kasumi. The blade's core material is the extremely durable metal VG-10. This knife's three-layered construction protects the stainless steel core against corrosion on both sides. It is Seki's expert craftsmen who put the blade together. In order to prevent food from sticking, the Hammered Series knives' pattern is hammered with numerous tiny indentions that generate air pockets during cutting. The VG10 kitchen knife's blade core has undergone special tempering to produce edge retention that is significantly better than that of other comparable brands. The POM material used to build the handle gives it comfort, resistance, hygienic qualities, and durability.
Valmistaja Kasumi
Terän pituus (mm) 170
Kokonaispituus (mm) 300
Terän materiaali VG-10
Terän paksuus 3mm
Terän vahvuus 60-62 HRC
Kahva POM
Maa Japan