Matsubara Hamono

Nakiri Japanese kitchen knife Matsubara Hamono Aogami 2 Bocote KT-208 16.5cm

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  • 165mm Blade length
  • Blade made of Aogami 2
  • Handle made of Walnut
  • Made in Japan
Master Katsuto Tanaka's Nakiri knife, Matsubara Hamono. This knife has a stainless steel clad Aogami 2 steel body. Nut wood is used to make the handle. Hard maple ring plus macassar ebony. Master blacksmith Katsuto Tanaka-san began producing knives under the Matsubara Hamono brand in 1982, when he was just 20 years old. The Matsubara region's history with knives dates back to 1474, when Master Yukiyasu Naminohira relocated here to work on swords for the Hachiman Shrine. When using a Matsubara Hamono knife, steer clear of anything other than fruits, vegetables, and proteins, such as bones, frozen foods, nuts, and hard candies.
Valmistaja Matsubara Hamono
Terän pituus (mm) 165
Kokonaispituus (mm) 295
Terän materiaali Aogami 2
Terän paksuus 3mm
Terän vahvuus 62-63 HRC
Kahva Walnut
Maa Japan