Noyer Magnetic Knife Rack Walnut 1010101 25cm

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This handcrafted Noyer Magnetic Knife Rack Walnut 25cm is manufactured by hand. When you can turn your knives into a classy and ornamental piece for your kitchen, why keep them in a drawer? This is the idea behind Noyer's wooden magnetic knife rack. In addition to adding warmth to your kitchen, the dark walnut wood contrasts nicely with the modern kitchen's rigid lines and frequently muted hues.

There are at least three knives in the rack. Since each magnet is handmade and unique, the length may also vary by two to three centimeters. All of the magnets are carved from a piece of wood that is the specified length. Width: 7-9 cm, depth: 3 cm, length: 23–25 cm

Valmistaja Noyer
Maa Denmark
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