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Sharpening stone Buck Knives EdgeTek Medium Grit Bench Stone 97078-B

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The EdgeTek Medium Grit Bench Stone 97078's overall measurements are 187 mm x 64 mm x 19 mm. entire surface covered in diamonds. One side, medium grit (750). In keeping with their mission to supply the greatest equipment to the outdoor industry, Buck expanded their accessory lineup to include new sharpeners that are created in the USA. This extensive selection includes everything from kitchen cutlery to fishhooks. These sharpeners are made to be portable and simple to use, ensuring that no one is left without an edge. The EdgeTek Bench Stones are a 100% diamond-coated flat surface sharpener that is lightweight and portable. The finger grips, which are intended to facilitate bench top sharpening, make it simple to grasp and operate with one hand.
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