Sharpening stone Matsunaga King Home G-45 220

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The Matsunaga King Home G-45 Japanese whetstone stone has a 220 grit (for harsh sharpening). About three minutes before using, soak the whetstone in water. Knife with two edges A knife with two edges needs to be equally sharp on both sides. King Deluxe is a tool designed to be used as a grinding wheel to maintain the quality and sharpness of any knife by using a unique abrasive. 176 x 52 x 15 mm in size. Included is a 220 stone plastic stand. Over time, whetstone may become damaged, thus it will need to be maintained using abrasive or water-resistant paper. Wash the whetstone with water after using it, then let it dry in a shaded spot.
Valmistaja Matsunaga
Maa Japan
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