Sharpening stone Suehiro 6000/1000 EKN183-B

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The Suehiro combination sharpening stone #1000/6000 is suitable for honing blades of any kind, whether they are Japanese or not. Because this stone is medium-hard, honing it will quickly turn it into a slurry. When we begin sharpening, slurry—a paste-like, new "compound" packed with abrasive grains—is created on the surface of the stones. It will facilitate quicker knife sharpening. #6000 grit is a fine granulation for the finishing edge and the last polish of the blade, whereas #1000 grit is the most popular general sharpening granulation (to put a fresh edge on a blunt knife). includes a thin rubber foundation and nagura.
Valmistaja Suehiro
Maa Japan
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