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Sheath Mcusta Zanmai Black lacquered Wooden Saya for slicer Sujihiki 27 cm

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Saya's black lacquered Mcusta sheath is suitable for Japanese slicing knives Sujihiki, up to a 27-cm blade length.
The material used for centuries to guard Japanese Katana swords is Magnolia wood, which comes from Honoki trees in Japan and is used in Mcusta's Black Lacquer Sayas. Magnolia wood has been used for sayas since the Heian period due to its softness and resilience to dampness, which prevents it from scratching fine blades. Every sheath is coated with a protective layer to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. The blade and sheath are secured in place for safety by a pin.

*It's possible that your knife does not fit the saya cover. Because even if the knife's stated blade size in the specification appears to be the same, the real thickness and size of the knife may differ from one another. Please consult our advisers about models made by other manufacturers.

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