Spice mill AdHoc Chilli Cutter Pepe Black MP241

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Black AdHoc Chilli Cutter Pepe available. Fit for: mustard seed, coriander, caraway, fennel, pink pepper, chili, ginger, etc. The cutter has a unique cutting mechanism called the patented original AdHoc PreciseCut®. Sharply etched teeth on unique stainless steel blades characterize the original AdHoc PreciseCut®. They are made to chop rather than grind dry herbs and spices. As the flavors fully develop, a whole new taste experience is created! AdHoc Chilli Cutter Pepe's remarkable and sophisticated acrylic and stainless steel design is another distinguishing feature. H = 20.5 cm, D = 4.5 cm.
Haganero Editor's Choice!

Valmistaja AdHoc
Maa Germany
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