Staub Round Covered 20 cm, Black 40509-579-0

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The Staub round gratin dish with lid is remarkably small and multipurpose. It works with all types of hob plates, including induction hobs, and the oven. Cast iron makes sure that food is cooked gently in the oven while retaining all of the essential vitamins. This gorgeous dish, with its matching lid and gold-colored knob, lets you serve both conventional and creative dishes to your guests in flair. The 20 cm wide black gratin dish has sturdy handles. Its 0.75 L volume makes it ideal for recipes that are both savory and sweet. The dish's sturdy, long-lasting cast iron not only looks good but also properly distributes heat throughout the dish.
Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
Paino kg 2,1