Student's set Tramontina Century Chef's Kit 24099025

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1. Vegetable knife: 8 sm., short, straight blade; can be used for cleaning and cutting. 2. Boning knife: 15 sm. flexible knife that is perfect for boning and filleting fish and meat. 3. A bread knife is perfect for slicing cakes and bread. The 20 sm soft inside is not crushed by the serrated edge's cutting action. 4. A chef's knife: used for chopping meat and other food items. For flawless, uniform slicing and chopping, 20 sm. 5. The blade is constructed from the best stainless steel and has an effective sub-zero heat treatment, which greatly reduces wear on the wire. 6. Fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate handle that is injected straight onto the tanh. 7. Knife Sharpener: a tool for maintaining a sharp edge on knives. 8. A superior performance when sharpening the knife is ensured by the consistent grooves. 9. When using a sharpener, the hard-chrome bolster coating resists degradation and guarantees a firm surface (durability). 10. A polypropylene handle treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent stains and odors brought on by mold, mildew, and bacteria. 11. Water resistant.

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