Seki Kanetsugu

Sujihiki Japanese kitchen knife Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun 9309 24cm

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  • 240mm Blade length
  • Blade made of Damascus
  • Handle made of Wood
  • Made in Japan

Seki Kanetsugu Sujihiki Zuiun, 24 cm. With its long, narrow blade, the Sujihiki is a double-edged slicing knife that effortlessly cuts through meat and vegetables while maintaining the freshness of each component.

A unique model called the Zuiun was produced to commemorate the company's 100 years of existence. Japanese swords resemble the wavy "hamon" design on the blades of Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun knives. Seki Kanetsugu Cutlery, in its current form, has been producing cutting-edge blades that embody the qualities of Japanese swords—they are extremely sharp, indestructible, and unyielding. The spirit of these swords was likewise imparted to the Zuiun by the manufacturer. The blade's core material is powdered stainless steel SPG2, which is used to make Damascus steel. Expertly honed by craftsmen, the blade's surface has a scudding design resembling a cloud. Additionally, it is fashioned into a "hamaguri-ba" clam blade with a V form, which is a feature of Japanese swords.

Valmistaja Seki Kanetsugu
Terän pituus (mm) 240
Kokonaispituus (mm) 390
Terän materiaali Damascus
Terän paksuus 3mm
Terän vahvuus
Kahva Wood
Maa Japan