Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions under which the user may use this website are outlined in this Terms of Use Agreement, together with the user's rights and obligations. Kindly take your time reading this text.

1 Registering

1.1 Registering at www.haganero.com is not required. If they so choose, customers can register using the registration form.

1.2 Customers must provide the necessary information (name, address, phone number, and email) while registering as a customer in Haganero.

1.3 The client certifies that the data provided is accurate.

1.4 The customer consents to receive news and notifications from the shop by registering as a customer in Haganero.

1.5 By registering as a customer, the user consents to Haganero using the information they submit on forms to obtain information about their request, handle any follow-up correspondence, and, if needed, handle potential contractual obligations.

2 Ordering

2.1 By using www.haganero.com to place a purchase, the buyer attests to being older than eighteen. Buyers between the ages of 15 and 18 need their guardian's consent before they can use money that they did not earn on their own to purchase a goods.

2.2 When a consumer places an order on www.haganero.com, they attest to knowing all applicable local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the possession and transportation of the ordered goods. Haganero will not be held responsible for any legal violations committed by the buyer.

2.3 The customer and Haganero shall communicate via e-mail, letter, or telephone. The customer receives an email order confirmation after completing their order. Once the consumer receives an email order confirmation from Haganero, a legally binding sales contract will be established.

2.4 The customer may cancel all or a portion of the order by phone, email, or letter prior to the goods being delivered. Order cancellation is not possible once the customer has received an email regarding shipping.

2.5 The consumer bears the risk of international shipping. The customer accepts full liability for orders that are confiscated in transit when they place an overseas order. The consumer is still liable for all shipping costs, including return shipping costs, in the event that customs seizes the items and returns them to Haganero. Customers cannot expect a refund of their money if customs seizes products and does not send them back to Haganero.

2.6 Only euros are accepted as payment for Haganero. Only an estimated perspective of prices in USD and other currencies is provided to customers. Any bank or rate commissions are the responsibility of the customer.

2.7 Tax and customs duty avoidance at our expense is not permitted by Haganero. We only include the product's true cost in the customs documents because all information is automatically transferred from the order to the documents. It is not feasible to manipulate customs documents in any way or to specify a false value for the products.

2.8 Orders will be combined and sent in a single package if they are placed within 48 hours to the same shipping location or from the same IP address (more specifically, to break one order into many and avoid paying customs duty); otherwise, additional shipping charges will be applied in full to each additional parcel.

2.9 We only allow one shipment per order. Any additional shipping costs must be covered in full by the buyer.

3 Prices

3.1 The amount that is valid is stated in euros (EUR).Haganero maintains the right to alter prices.

3.2 All prices in the original include 24% VAT. Orders are shipped tax-free to nations that are not part of the European Union Customs Union (EUCU). To show pricing without taxes, select Non EU.

3.3 No discounts or promo codes may be applied retroactively (after an order has been placed). A discount code is not a prerequisite for a reimbursement. Promo codes are not joinable.

3.4 All unique promo codes for monetary savings (gift cards, rewards) are only good for a year after they are given to the customer.

3.5 Any fraud with promotional codes, as well as an attempt to use system/administrator promotional codes will result in the cancellation of your order.

4 Shipping

4.1 Haganero ships anywhere, excluding nations to which the export of knives is forbidden by international law, and Russia with Belarus.

4.2 Deliveries are handled by GLS and Finnish Post , working with the official postal services of the countries where they arrive.

4.3 Following full order prepayment, shipping is accessible. Following dispatch, the customer will receive the tracking number for their package. The dispatch time is expected to be one working day. When a customer places an order for items that are kept in separate warehouses (Helsinki and Lappeenranta), the projected time of dispatch (the amount of time it takes to get from one warehouse to the other) is three to four working days.

4.4 Since the recipient must sign delivery documents, international shipment from outside the EU to PO boxes is not possible.

4.5 Orders placed on Friday after 12:00 PM will be dispatched on Monday. Weekends and federal holidays are not possible for shipping.

4.6 The customers bear full responsibility for all taxes and customs costs. Haganero always declares the contents and true value of packages.

4.7 Delivery of pre-order items. This item is pre-ordered, as shown by the yellow "Add to cart" button and the signature "Shipping After 10-20 Business days". This indicates that, upon request, we may promptly obtain it from the manufacturer rather than having it in stock. We'll contact the manufacturer and let you know when the shipment is expected to arrive. Please note that although we have provided an anticipated delivery time on the item page, the manufacturer is ultimately the only one who can determine it. The lead time may vary based on the manufacturer's inventory. If the manufacturer discontinues a particular item, Haganero will not be held responsible for the cancellation of the pre-order. Pre-order items have the same terms of payment as regular purchases.

4.8 In the event that the customer is at fault for the parcel not reaching its destination (i.e., incorrect shipping address provided, failure to notify the shipping company, self-canceled shipment, or failure to pick up the parcel), and the parcel is returned to Haganero, the customer bears the responsibility for all shipping charges, both ways, as well as any potential customs fees. The consumer must cover the cost of shipping if they wish to get their package again.

4.9 Haganero shows the typical projected delivery time. Even while we try our best to ship orders the same day or the next business day after they are placed, the actual delivery time is solely determined by the efficiency of the nation's postal and customs services. Any delays in transit or in the customer's nation are not Haganero's fault.

5 Terms of Payment

5.1 We only take payments in euros in accordance with EU law. The prices displayed in USD and other currencies are merely for the customers' general reference. Prices in the shopping cart will be in euros, and the consumer will be billed in euros based on their bank rate.

5.2 The following payment options are available for making payments:

- Credit and debit cards. When placing the order, a separate Nets form will be charged to the card. If the payer's credit card is linked to a Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode verification service, the payer will be electronically identified in connection with making a credit card payment.

- A bank transfer used for the advance payment. Along with their order confirmation, the customer will receive payment instructions for a bank transfer. The order confirmation that Haganero issued contains the payment amount. The payer's banks may impose commission and other costs for international transactions on payments made from locations outside of the EU. That is not our store's fault. Once placed, the order becomes active for seven days.

5.3 The order will be immediately cancelled if Haganero does not receive payment within 7 days.

5.4 You can purchase gift cards as a present for someone else. It has the exact price that the consumer paid for it and offers no additional discounts. Gift cards can be used for a full year after they are purchased. Gift cards that are lost, stolen, or expire are not replaceable or covered. A gift card is an important document that has to be handled with care. It is not possible to swap gift cards for cash.

6 Cancellation

6.1 The customer may cancel the order only prior to shipment. Cancellations once the customer receives tracking information are not possible.

6.2 Beginning the day after the date of receipt, private consumers from the European Union are entitled to return unused goods within fourteen (14) days of obtaining the product or products. Both the returned item(s) and its packing must be in the same state as when it was delivered. If so, the purchaser will receive their money back within 30 days of returning the item. All shipping expenses will not be refunded. Customers are responsible for covering all costs paid by Haganero OY in sending the order, including the cost of return shipping. The product must be in its original packaging and show no evidence of usage. Items with obvious signs of usage or damage are not returnable, and there will be no reimbursement. It is the customer's responsibility to return the items, so we advise using tracked and insured shipping. It takes two to three business days to verify the item and process the refund after it arrives. Refunds are processed in the same manner as the original payment. Usually, the transaction takes several banking days. If the customer's activities are seen to constitute an abuse or overuse of the right of return, they may be refused after multiple returns in a short period of time.

6.3 The consumer will not receive a refund if the product is damaged or used, and it can no longer be returned in perfect condition. In the event that the goods has been used, the state of the item will determine the percentage of return (and its likelihood).

6.4 The customer must cancel delivery on his own (by contacting the shipping firm) if he wishes to cancel the order after it has been shipped. If a delivery is canceled, the client is liable for the entire cost of shipping to both parties, any penalties assessed by the shipping company, the payment for customs clearance (about 52 euros), and any other costs Haganero has incurred as a result of the canceled shipment.

6.5 Given that the store sells potentially hazardous products, the business maintains the right to deny service to any client exhibiting odd or hostile conduct or raising the possibility that the customer is impaired by drink or drugs.

7 Deliveries that have broken in transit

7.1 Prior to shipment, Haganero inspects every knife. In the event that the products or the package are damaged during transportation, a damage report needs to be sent right away. The customer should report any damage right once to the local post office. In that instance, send an email to info@haganero.com to notify Haganero's bespoke service. If a customer selects shipping without tracking or does not select the insurance option for GLS shipping, Haganero will not accept claims.

7.2 Based on estimates provided by GLS, a partial refund may be granted if the customer chose not to add the insurance option with their shipment. In international road transportation, the carrier's liability is capped at SDR 8.33 per gross kilogram of goods.

7.3 All reimbursements for damaged or misplaced packages are made strictly in accordance with the shipping providers' policies. Refunds for misplaced packages are only available once the delivery firm has formally declared the package missing.

8 Force majeure

Haganero disclaims all liability for any delays, non-fulfillment of obligations, or other failures resulting from events and circumstances outside of our reasonable control. These include, but are not restricted to, strikes, governmental actions, wars, national emergencies, threats or acts of terrorism, environmental or climatic anomalies, third-party performance failure, hardware and software malfunction, and other related events outside of Haganero's control.

9 Solving disputes

9.1 Any disputes or problems arising out of this Distance Sale Contract shall be governed by Finnish law.

9.2 The Helsinki District Court will settle any unarbitrated disputes.

10 Privacy and data protection

10.1 Let's Encrypt has provided Haganero with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. Therefore, the customer's payment transaction and personal information are totally safe.

10.2 The information about Haganero's customers is private. Haganero guarantees that it will only share client information with its internal partners.

10.3 Privacy on the Privacy Policy page in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

11 Intellectual Property

All content and information, including pictures, belongs to Haganero OY and is shielded by both international and Finnish legal regulations.

12 After-Sales Services and Guarantees

Please direct any complaints about the products or services you received to info@haganero.com or any other email address listed under contact information. We are open for business Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 Finland time. There is a 30-day review period for claims.

13 Warranty

13.1 Quality is of top priority for Haganero and we stand behind the quality of our products. The warranty covers any and all defects in workmanship, build quality and materials used. In the case of a manufacturing or material defect Haganero will repair or replace the knife with the same or other model from our shop range taking into consideration any price differences and stock availability or retun money back.

13.2 Improper use that causes dents, cuts, breakages, and other damage to the knife is not covered by the warranty. Throwing, pounding, prying, striking, hacking of hard objects for which the knife is not intended; overheating the knife or any part of it; improper maintenance of mechanisms or other parts; improper storage in harsh environments and storing without cleaning and care; attempting to repair or modify and other similar actions are examples of improper usage that may result in the warranty being voided. Observation! Knives made of ceramic and Japanese high carbon are not intended for cutting through hard materials like bones.

13.3 Minor cracks in the Japanese knife's cutting edge caused by cutting through hard materials are not covered under warranty; rather, they are the consequence of incorrect usage. The appearance of rust on carbon blades is a result of incorrect knife maintenance rather than a defect covered under warranty. Please take it slowly! There is a chance that the dimensions won't match exactly for firms whose production processes are mostly done by hand. A few millimeters' deviation from the stated size does not give rise to a warranty claim.

13.4 Only the knives are covered by warranty; the packaging is not. Before delivery, we thoroughly inspect knives and take pictures. Within 24 hours of the consumer receiving the package, a claim must be submitted if the knife is damaged or has effects.

13.5 Because the pchak knife's blade is composed of recycled auto components, the warranty does not cover stains and scratches on those knives. Additionally, if a spot or minor dent has been intentionally aged or approved by the manufacturer, the warranty does not cover it (for example, a black coating on carbon steel blades).

13.6 Please take note that the manufacturer bears the ultimate responsibility for the goods' quality and determines whether a case qualifies for warranty coverage. Items with manufacturer defects may only be refunded or replaced with authorization from the manufacturer.

Knives should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. If the knife designed for the cleaning in washing machine the temperature be below of 180 C. A knife is meant to be used for cutting; any other use is not covered under warranty. Since knives should not be used for hammering or prying, the warranty does not cover broken blade tips. Use the cutting edge when cutting, and your knife will gladly serve you for an endless amount of time. Please match your equipment to duties.

In warranty case please contact with our customer service info@haganero.com