Baking dish Staub Mini round 12 cm, Graphite grey 40509-544-0

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This round Staub mini gratin dish, measuring 12 cm in diameter and 0.25 L in depth, is perfect for preparing meals for one person or smaller servings. It takes up very little space and is easy to carry because to its small size and side handles. To keep your kitchen neat and organized, you may stack this gratin dish with other gratin dishes from the same range. You can cook gratins and oven-baked foods in this compact, useful, and aesthetically pleasing cast iron dish over any kind of burner. This gratin dish is great for slow-cooked meals because cast iron distributes and holds heat evenly. The interior's matte black enamel aids in the dish's uniform distribution of heat.
Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
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