Baking dish Staub oval 37 cm, Black 40508-283-0

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This black Staub gratin 37cm dish is perfect for cooking traditional Provençal recipes. You can serve your guests roasts, gratins, and fish dishes directly out of the oven thanks to the cast iron's ability to hold heat and the dish's useful design. These meals from Staub roastings become the talk of the table and keep heated for a considerable amount of time. Placed in the oven or in the middle of the dining table, the cast iron oval gratin dish evenly distributes and holds heat. You can use the matte black enamel on induction hobs and other heat sources. Because it can withstand high oven temperatures, it's perfect for browning meat before gratin preparation.
Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
Paino kg 3,4