Baking dish Staub rectangular 30 x 20 cm, Black 40510-323-0

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Staub's rectangular baking dish is perfect for making delicious meals on the stovetop or in the oven. It's also perfect for making lasagne, moussaka, and schnitzel. Two cozy handles allow you to maintain a solid grasp on the weighty cast-iron dish. With the exception of the handles, the 30 x 20 cm (about 3.15 liters) black casserole dish fits in all cooker types, including induction hobs. To give the food a wonderful golden finish, you can fry it right in the dish and then bake it in the oven afterwards. The qualities of Staub cookware even excite renowned chefs like Paul Bocuse.
Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
Paino kg 3,1