Baking dish Staub rectangular 30 x 20 cm, Graphite grey 40510-324-0

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The dependable Staub Specialities kitchen line, on which renowned chefs have come to rely, includes the rectangular cast iron roasting dish. With dimensions of 30 x 20 x 7 cm and a capacity of 3.15 liters, it is ideal for baking and gratins. It is possible to prepare fish, meat, and other foods to perfection and the pastry to lie perfectly flat on its foundation. Additionally, the roasting dish is compatible with various kinds of cookers. When you need to raise and handle a bake or gratin to place in the oven or move it to the table for serving, it's easier to do so because the solid side handles are likewise composed of cast iron and are comfortable to hold.
Valmistaja Staub
Maa France
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